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Keep Spiders and Mosquitoes Away with These Tips and Tricks

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Have you suddenly felt like mosquitoes, spiders, and just insects in general have taken over? You wake up with a big welt on your ankle and you wonder “mosquito bite or spider bite?” Hard to tell.

Here are some hacks that can get you through the infestation!


· Heat a spoon in a glass of hot water… and press the back of the spoon against the bug bite, as hot as you can stand it. The heat neutralizes the bite, reducing the itchiness.

· Make an X on top of the mosquito bite using your fingernail. This will help stop the itching temporarily.

· Rub a banana peel on it

· Put toothpaste on it


· Spiders hate peppermint, citrus, cinnamon and vinegar… put any or all on your window sills

· Turn your outside lights off. Spiders aren’t attracted to lights… but the bugs they feast on are.

· LOUD MUSIC - Spiders don’t have good eyesight, so they count on vibrations to detect their meals. The vibration from music will make them move to a quieter area elsewhere.

Try these out!

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