An Engagement May Be In The Near Future For Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn


So, it looks like the next celeb couple to be on my "Ring Watch 2019" is Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn. According to Us Weekly Joe wants to marry Taylor and Taylor wants to marry him. Friends close to the couple KNOW it! They actually have been placing bets when the engagement will actually happen.

Now Joe is just trying to figure out the perfect time to pop the big question because he of course wants to make it "unforgettable" and "special." Us Weekly also reports Taylor wants her ring to be, "elegant and simple."


But can I tell you something? I know Taylor is really enjoying being under the radar with this relationship. Yet, the fact that these two don't even have one photo on Instagram together is a hard no for me.

I just need MORE from you, Joe and Taylor. We need a selfie or a red carpet moment together. We all lived her torturous and sad lyrics together, this is a happy ending we deserve with her!


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