Trevor Daniel Talks 'Falling', His Song Blowing Up On TikTok & More

Trevor Daniel stopped by the KIIS-FM studios in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago to talk about his single "Falling" and much more.

Trevor's single "Falling" started to blow up on TikTok, a year after he originally released the song. He talks to JoJo about the song:

It was a surprise for sure. I guess I didn't give up [on the song], but as far as pushing it, I was on to the next thing as far as music, creatively and stuff. It was definitely a surprise. I didn't really think about it, and then I was seeing stats move up, but I don't really get to look at them a lot. Then my friend came over and was like 'are you seeing what's happening on TikTok?' I was like let me download this app real quick, and then it was just going nuts. It was like every five videos.

Trevor also talked about the one person who he was really star struck to meet... Hilary Duff!

He didn't get to talk to her, but he was star struck by her presence when he walked past her at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Check out the full interview above!

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