TikTok Chefs are Sharing Their Best Thanksgiving Hosting Tips

When you’re a kid, hosting the holidays seems so easy. Then you become a 20-something and you try and host your first Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any holiday, and you learn that it’s really not. Thankfully “Bustle” spoke with TikTok chefs to get their best holiday hosting tips.

  • “Frozen fruits and vegetables are picked and frozen at peak freshness, which allows them to be more affordable and makes sure that they taste delicious.” - @elenabesser
  • “I think there’s beauty in simplicity. Microgreens add such a nutrient-dense addition to a dish but also a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing aspect. Edible flowers you can even grow yourself, as long as they’re organic. And violas, marigolds, nasturtiums, those are all beautiful flowers that make a dish pop.” - @chefbae
  • “The tablescape is key to any dinner party.” - @faithsfresh
  • “Tablecloths can be expensive because the fabric has been sewn so there isn’t a raw edge, but there are materials that you can cut raw and they will look nice, like linen. Then when you’re cleaning everything up, all you have to do is crumple it up and throw it away. You can also color on it for place settings or if you’re doing a grazing table, you could write on the paper itself.” - @elenabesser
  • “[Music is] what gets you through the long arduous hours of prep work.” - @sobadash_


Some other tips they shared? Don’t be afraid of leftovers, but also don’t hog them all. Share them with your guests. Also, don’t wait to go grocery shopping last minute – go at least three days beforehand, and prep whatever you can in advance. Don’t be afraid of freezing something, like meatballs and casseroles, and reheating it.

Source: Bustle

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