The Best Green Flags in Guys

Red flags get a lot of attention when it comes to dating, which makes sense because they’re the warning signs that someone might not be great for you or that a situation is unhealthy. There are also green flags, which don’t get talked about as much, but they’re just as important. A Reddit post asks, “What are some serious green flags in guys?”

These are some of the positive behaviors and traits that users see as green flags in men:

  • “When a dude actively listens and remembers the little details from your convos”
  • “Waiting until you get inside your house before driving away”
  • “They text you to make sure you made it home ok.”
  • “Basically being genuine and not putting on a show in front of you”
  • “Knows what 'responsibility' means.”
  • “Compliments your tiny creations. For example, if you like to knit, they’ll be like ‘Cute scarf, how’d you make it?’”
  • “Doesn’t put his whole life on social media”
  • “If THEY treat their mom well, that’s a green flag”
  • “If they don't like/want kids, but are still genuinely nice to them.”
  • “Having a non-monetized hobby that takes up a reasonable amount of their time”
  • “He’s not lost his silly, playful side and laughs with you, not at you.”
  • “When they treat servers well - bonus points for organizing the table before leaving”
  • “Disagreeing with you, respectfully, honestly, then moving on.”
  • “Has and follows a budget”
  • “When he helps with house chores and isn't ashamed of that.”
  • “Financial stability, good hygiene, and some d*mn good manners.”
  • “Strong friendships with women”
  • “Doing the things they say they’re going to do.”
  • “Kinda all the things that happen when a guy love bombs you, but doesn’t suddenly ghost when they get bored of you.”

Source: Reddit

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