Our Napping Habits Revealed

Are you a napper? It turns out, a lot of American adults are, even on the job. According to a new survey of 2-thousand U.S. adults, the average person gets insufficient sleep three days a week and that may be why 26% say they can’t get through the work week without a nap during work hours.

The poll conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Nature’s Bounty also reveals:

  • For 39% of respondents, they get three to four hours into a workday before they feel like taking a nap and 26% have even brought a pillow to their workplace.
  • The desire for a nap strikes most commonly on a Wednesday.
  • But it’s not just at work when adults feel like napping, 46% say naps before going out are essential to their social lives.
  • About a third (34%) admit they’ve actually fallen asleep at an event because they didn’t get enough sleep the night before.
  • The most common events people have missed because they were napping include a sports game (30%), meeting with friends (28%), a birthday party (28%), a family dinner (28%), a job interview (26%) and a wedding (24%).
  • Nappers have also fallen asleep in some unusual places, including on public transportation (27%), the beach (25%), a movie theater (24%), a cafe or restaurant (24%), a doctor’s office (23%) or a museum or art gallery (22%).
  • People are woken up from their nap twice a week on average, typically by a partner (36%) or a coworker (35%).
  • The average nap lasts for 51 minutes, but 45% of respondents say they frequently wake up after a nap feeling worse than they did before.

Source: SWNS Digital

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