The Top Things We Trust AI to Do

How comfortable are you with AI? According to a new survey, 86% of Americans think they know what AI is, but only 46% know what it does.

The poll of 2-thousand U.S. adults commissioned by UserTesting and conducted by OnePoll reveals:

  • Overall, 58% of respondents trust AI, but that differs by generations, with Gen Z being most trusting (67%) and baby boomers the least (29%).
  • While 70% say they’re concerned about their privacy when using artificial intelligence, 87% admit they’re likely to give personal information to brands in order to save money.
  • Top concerns about using AI include not knowing what’s being done with their personal data (72%) and getting targeted ads (56%).
  • Despite their concerns, 52% would be willing to share their birthdate, 45% would share their full name, 44% would share their partner or spouse’s name, 36% would be willing to give the name of their kids and 34% would even share their social security number.
  • Half of Americans already use AI in some way in their daily life, including through their computer (74%), phone (62%) or while shopping online (57%).
  • About two-thirds (65%) think AI knows their shopping habits as well, if not better, than the people closest to them, while 53% think AI knows their shopping habits as well, if not better than they do themselves.

The Top 10 tasks people would trust AI to handle

  • Auto-ordering things for them when they run low on something – 36%
  • Making reservations for them – 33%
  • Choosing their clothing – 30%
  • Taking their food order at a restaurant – 27%
  • Emailing/texting people for them – 24%
  • Handling their finances/taxes – 21%
  • Driving – 15%
  • Monitoring the home – 13%
  • Monitoring children – 12%
  • Choosing what they should watch on TV – 8%

Source: SWNS Digital

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