Designer Hacks to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Does your small space feel like there’s never enough room? It turns out, you can totally make a small room feel larger, without tearing down any walls. Interior designers working with Real Simple are sharing their smart tricks to maximize limited square footage.

These are all pretty easy to copy and there’s no demo required.

  • Use an oval table - If your dining area is petite, don’t overcrowd it with a square or rectangle table. Anchor the space with a curved table, in a round or oval shape for comfortable seating that helps it feel more open.
  • Go for armless chairs - They’ll help you squeeze more people around the table and will more easily tuck in when the table isn’t being used.
  • Add sconces to fill vertical space - If you don’t want to give up even an inch of floor or work space for lighting, hang sconces over nightstands or tables. This frees up the surfaces and gives you stylish ambient lighting, too.
  • Bring shelves up to the ceiling - If you’ve got the wall space, why not use it? Adding shelves that go all the way up the wall makes use of space, so you have more storage, which is always a plus in a small space.
  • Hang wall hooks - This keeps the clutter off the floor and gives you room to hang bags, jackets, robes and more, without crowding the room.
  • Make poufs your friend - Whether you call them ottomans, stools or poufs, having a few can provide extra stylish and flexible seating. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors and don’t take up nearly as much room as a chair.

Source: Real Simple

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