Sign You're Not Compatible...Stop Trying to Force It

Sometimes you want to make it work with someone so, so badly that you completely ignore the fact that you’re not compatible. They seem so perfect, and yet, that feeling just isn’t there. You’re not going to be compatible with everyone, no matter how good they may look on paper.

Unfortunately, you can’t force compatibility, no matter how much you may want to. Questioning whether or not you’re compatible? Here are some signs they’re not the one, you’re not compatible, and you need to stop trying to make it happen.

  1. Your morals and beliefs are too different.
  2. Kissing them doesn’t turn you on.
  3. They don’t get you.
  4. You could do without them.
  5. You don’t feel like yourself around them.
  6. You resent each other.
  7. You think about other guys/girls when you’re with them.
  8. They gross you out.
  9. They let you down a lot.
  10. You guys don’t do stuff that you enjoy.

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Source: Bolde

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