Relationship Goals You Should Have

You’ve definitely seen #RelationshipGoals trending on social. But what are relationship goals, really? Of course, they vary depending on the couple - everyone’s situation is different. But there are some relationship goals that are pretty similar for all happy and successful couples.

What are these relationship goals that long-lasting couples have? Here are ten of them.

  1. Being able to travel together without driving each other nuts.
  2. Getting along with each other’s parents.
  3. Not feeling pressured to be “done up” for your guy every day.
  4. Becoming best friends, not just romantic partners.
  5. Having the best sex you can together.
  6. Achieving conditionally unconditional love.
  7. Being able to properly communicate.
  8. Growing together and staying in love.
  9. Having a full life outside of your relationship.
  10. Feeling like you’ve met your equal.

Source: Bolde

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