People Reveal the Nastiest Thing They've Ever Tasted

If you ever watched the show “Fear Factor,” you probably watched in disgust as participants tried to choke down things that should never be eaten in the food challenges, like live spiders, worms and cow eyeball juice. Of course, those people were playing for money and did those things on purpose, but sometimes we end up eating something horrible by mistake and a Reddit post has people confessing those times. It asks, “What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever tasted?”

Thousands of responses have come in and these are some of the worst:

  • “I once took a nice healthy bite of blueberry coffee cake. Turns out it was regular coffee cake covered in mold. I couldn’t get the smell and taste out of my sinuses for hours.”
  • “Oyster flavored ice cream”
  • “There’s a product that you can buy that’s meant to discourage dogs from chewing on stuff. It’s called ‘Bitter Yuck.’ Let me tell you. It is both bitter and yuck.”
  • “Milk that had gone bad”
  • “Beer in a can that someone had used as an ashtray.”
  • “Nintendo Switch game cartridge. They're made like that to discourage children from eating them. I learned this and what can I say, I got curious.”
  • “The vomit that came up after a night of chasing Jagermeister shots with orange Gatorade. I was young, thrifty, and entirely new to drinking.”
  • “Canned octopus. I bought it out of curiosity. The smell was so awful as soon as I opened it, I couldn't take it.”
  • “A home-cooked dinner at a Southern relative’s house. Sounds good, right? Disgusting. Gray, overcooked, unidentifiable meat with mushy overcooked canned green beans. I’m past 60 now and it remains the worst meal of my life.”
  • “A durian, whoever was the first person to eat that must have been dying of hunger”
  • “The solution you drink before a colonoscopy.”
  • “I work with my brother and I usually drive. He started chewing tobacco and I didn’t even know. He kept a water bottle to spit into in the cup holder where I usually keep my water bottle. Yep you know the rest.”
  • “Hakarl aka fermented Greenland shark.”
  • “The kiss of a heavy smoker”

Source: Reddit

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