Things That Annoy People the Older They Get

Our appreciation for things changes as we age and so does our tolerance it seems. A Redditor asks, “What are y’all starting to dislike more the older you get?” This topic seems to hit home with a lot of people, as more than 18-thousand responses have come in from people venting about the stuff that annoys them more now that they’re older.

Some of the responses are relatable, while a few are unpopular opinions and these are some of the top responses:

  • "Food chains on every corner. As a kid, I loved Panera, Chipotle, Starbucks, etc., but I’ve grown so tired of traveling the country and finding the same stuff in every city."
  • "Summer. The older I get, the more I hate the heat/humidity, as well as the bugs (specifically spiders). I cannot wait for winter to get here."
  • "Technology. I used to look forward to new innovations. Now, I look at ChatGPT destroying industries and robbing young people of their capacity to learn, and I want to burn it all down and start over by candlelight."
  • "This is going to get me generally hated: dogs. They are everywhere and encroach on all aspects of life. All outdoor spaces seem to be monopolized by dogs and their owners ... No other pet is like that."
  • "Why is everything a subscription these days? Literally air will be $9.99 a month at some point. Also, I miss when apps were truly free with no ads."
  • "Driving. I used to love to drive as much as possible when I was a teenager and into my late 20s. Now, I would rather have someone else drive."
  • "Crowds. It doesn't have to do with disliking people; I just found that in my 30s, I kind of lost any enjoyment I once had when going to a place that's busy."
  • "Going to work 40+ hours per week. I don’t know how previous generations maintained this for decades."
  • "Birthdays. I don't know; they just don't excite me anymore. They feel like any other day."
  • "Social media. It's just gotten worse and worse since I was in high school."
  • "Social obligations. I used to be so sad when I didn't get invited to anything, but now, I'm pretty good with it. Two to four social activities a year is more than fine with me at this point."
  • "The internet in general. Nowadays, you can’t escape it. It’s on your phone, your TV, your video game console, your laptop, etc. At one point, it felt like a tool. Now, it feels like an extension of our being."
  • "My cellphone. I almost want to get a landline again. I hate feeling like I need to respond to everyone immediately and that I have to constantly be available."
  • "Actually going out to do things. I would rather sit at home with some snacks."

Source: Reddit

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