Signs They're Flirting With You

Are they just nice or are they actually flirting with you? Sometimes it can be hard to tell. You don’t want to assume that they’re flirting with you… but you’re really hoping that they are. So how do you know?!

There are some signs you should look out for that show they’re totally into you and flirting. Here are some of them, so pay attention!

  1. They make eye contact that regularly lingers.
  2. They can’t stop smiling whenever you’re around.
  3. They go out of their way to talk to you.
  4. They seem pretty interested in your relationship status.
  5. They avoid talking to other men/women around you.
  6. They constantly tease you, but never in a mean way.
  7. They treat you completely differently than they do anyone else.
  8. They give you those light, flirty touches here and there.
  9. They ask you to hang out a lot.
  10. They make small, thoughtful gestures that show he’s paying attention.

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Source: Bolde

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