Dating "Rules" That are No Longer a Thing

There’s dating rules that we all heard while we were growing up. But now that we’re out there in the dating world, we’ve learned that they don’t apply anymore. They’re outdated and just not a thing. Members of the “Buzzfeed Community” which dating “rules” no longer apply.

  • "Making a mix tape or burned CD for your crush."
  • "Playing hard to get. I immediately lose interest if a woman tries it, but fortunately I don't see it as much as I used to."
  • "The three-day rule. I remember my boomer grandma (zillenial here) talking about this and seeing women waiting for a phone call in older movies. Like...why? As someone with anxiety, this sounds like a nightmare. I don't think my parents (who dated in the '90s) ever did that, and my older siblings (who dated in the late '00s) certainly never did."
  • "Actually finding a date by going to bars or restaurants. Most dates are Tinder hookups and 'Netflix and chill' changed everything about dating."
  • "People avoid actually talking on the phone when they're in the 'talking' phase, and I absolutely hate it. Part of the reason I actually gave my now-husband a chance was because he actually suggested talking on the phone rather than spending several awkward days/weeks texting. I always felt like the guys who would ONLY text were usually hiding something, and I was often right. You cannot establish an entire relationship through a screen."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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