The Harsh Advice People Think Everyone Needs to Hear

There are times we don’t want to hear certain advice, but we need to hear it. It happens to all of us and lots of times, it’s advice we can all use. Redditor U/Individual_Owl_6925 may have needed some as he recently asked fellow Redditors “What’s a harsh reality that everyone needs to hear?” Here’s the real talk people think you need to hear, too.

  • "It's easier to maintain your health than it is to get it back."
  • "Whatever you say can and will be used against you."
  • "You can love someone with all of your heart and not be loved back in the same way."
  • "You can't force people to like the same things as you."
  • "You will die with books you never read, movies and TV shows you never watched, games you never played, places you never got to visit, and things you wanted to say but never did."
  • "Other people are thinking about themselves, not about you."
  • "Wanting a baby isn’t enough. You have to also want a toddler, and a kid, and a teen, and an adult."
  • "You spend too much time on your smartphone."
  • "Complaining and not doing anything will get you nowhere. If you don't like your situation, then do something about it."
  • "Your happiness is your responsibility. No person or no thing will ever be able to do that for you."

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Source: Reddit

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