Adventurous First Date Ideas

So, you match with someone, and you see that they’re super active. Or maybe you met them at the gym and know they love all things adventure. You don’t want to simply take them out to dinner or for drinks on a first date, you want to be more unique than that and tap into their interests.

Plan an adventurous first date for the two of you. It’ll help you stand out, be memorable, and show that you’re thinking about their likes. Not sure what an adventurous first date is? Here are some ideas for you.

  1. Go rock climbing. For a first date, stick to one inside a gym rather than outside.
  2. Ride a rollercoaster. Go to an amusement park and head straight to the most adrenaline-inducing rides that they have.
  3. Go zip-lining. Beautiful scenery, soaring through the air, and screaming until you lose your voice – it’s truly memorable.
  4. Visit an indoor trampoline park. An adventurous way to release your inner kid! See if the one near you has “adults only” hours.
  5. Find your way out of an escape room. You’ll see how well you two work together, too.
  6. Fly a kite together. It’s not the most adventurous but it’ll get you both outside, active, and enjoying nature.
  7. Go on a scooter or Vespa ride. Rent one! Lots of cities have ride-share scooter options.

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Source: Teen Vogue

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