The One Thing People's Ex Did That Made Them Lose Interest

We’re totally interested in someone but then they do one thing that turns us off. It happens! Redditor u/bossindiangirlBIG was curious about this and recently asked fellow Redditors “What did the person you were interested in do to completely make you lose interest?” and people’s answers were all over the place!

  • "I was on a second date with a guy who seemed really solid emotionally and who I was attracted to. After dinner, we took a walk outside. Out of nowhere he turned his head and took the biggest spit ever. It hit a lady."
  • "She told me that the idea of intimacy with me made her nauseous."
  • "A long time ago, I started seeing a very rich person. I sent [them] a photo of a dinner I had ordered at a completely average restaurant in a completely average and popular neighborhood. [They sent] a reply saying 'if you ever took me out to eat there, I would never see you again.' Well, I indeed never saw the person again."
  • "I remember I was being set up for a date by friends. In the chat beforehand, the guy (a stranger!) told me 'get used to birthing twins! There are a lot in my family.' I just left the chat, and there was no first date. Just yikes at that comment."
  • "I was visiting my hometown and hung out with an old friend and a girl he worked with. It was a little flirty between her and myself, and then we all hung out at his place. While there, she stood up, said 'hey I got something for you,' and farted at me."

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Source: Reddit

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