The Rules of Self Checkout EVERYONE Should Follow

Self-checkout registers have been around for a while now, the first grocery store to have one was a Kroger in Atlanta, way back in 1986. Today, these lines have made their way to most stores we shop in, but the whole self-checkout area is still kind of the Wild West. It can be the worst part of a shopping experience, but following some etiquette rules can make it better.

These are the things everyone should do so they’re not the worst person in the self-checkout line:

  • Know your skill level - Sometimes, there are no cashiers available and you have no option except to use self-checkout. But if you have the choice and your cart is so full you need help bagging your purchases, you should probably skip the self-checkout. Also, if you have no clue how the technology works, and there’s a long line waiting to self-checkout behind you, you’re probably better off in a regular checkout line where an employee can ring you up.
  • Save your booze for staffed registers - Buying alcohol in the self-checkout lane ignites the rage of shoppers behind you. Sometimes you have no choice, as there are no regular lines open, but having to wait for a worker to come over and approve the purchase for you when you’re buying wine is bound to anger the folks waiting in line.
  • Know your produce - You’re going to need to know what you’re buying so you can key it in and buy it. Not knowing which fruit or veggie you have will really slow things down and that’s a no-no.
  • Respect the line - This includes not blasting music or having a loud personal conversation on your phone while in line and not letting your toddler help scan items when there are 40 people waiting to check out.
  • Claim your register promptly - Pay attention to the people ahead of you so as soon as a register is free, you can step up and use it when it’s your turn.
  • Be nice if you need help - There’s usually only one worker to assist all the self-checkout lanes, and if you need this busy person’s help, the least you could do is be kind to them.
  • Leave no trace - Throw away your trash, clean up that dripping package of meat and don’t just leave items you decided not to buy there at the register for someone else to notice and put back. Being considerate goes a long way, especially in the self-checkout.

Source: The Takeout

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