Nearly Half of Us are Bored Most of the Work Week

Are you bored at your job? A lot of Americans are, as a new survey of 2-thousand adults finds that 46% are bored at work at least three days of the week. That’s something 90% of those who have a college degree and feel bored at work thought they’d experience back when they were in school.

The poll, conducted by OnePoll for CSU Global, reveals:

  • For 71% of those who’ve been in the same role for more than two years, their job feels “too routine” because they’ve been doing the same thing for so long.
  • While 71% say they’re happy with their current position, one in eight admits they feel unsatisfied at work.
  • Nearly half (46%) start feeling dissatisfied after two years of working in the same position.
  • Three in four (74%) respondents think an important key to happiness is having a job you actually like.
  • Professional goals people set to keep themselves motivated include making more money (54%), trying to move up in the company (53%) and helping to create something new (50%).
  • The top things respondents like about their current job include appreciating their work location (64%), their company’s overall mission (50%) and their company culture (49%).
  • Only 35% say they actually enjoy the work itself.
  • Just over half (54%) see themselves working at their current company within the next year, but 17% don’t think they’ll still be there in five years.

Source: SWNS Digital

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