Cutting Screen Time by 30 Minutes Everyday Can Reduce Anxiety

Wish you wasted less time on your phone? Lots of us spend more time scrolling than we’d like, especially since we know the perks of putting the phone down. And new research suggests just spending a little less time on screens every day brings big benefits.

study from Iowa State University finds that cutting down screen time by 30 minutes a day is good for mental health. Researchers split participants into two groups, one that was told to limit social media use by half an hour daily and the other was instructed to continue using social media as normal. The group that cut their screen time down experienced less anxiety, depression, loneliness and fear of missing out after just two weeks.

While the positive effects of limiting time spent on social media will be different for each person, depending on their usual screen time use and habits, the study highlights that you don’t have to give up social media entirely to feel the benefits. You may have even better results if you spend that time doing something you love instead of mindlessly scrolling.

Source: Mind Body Green

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