4 Do's and 4 Don'ts of Making Your Dating Profile

Making a dating profile can be super intimidating. This is all that potential matches will see of you to determine which way they’re swiping! You want to show off your personality and make known what you’re looking for, all without coming off too strong.

So how can you do that and get tons of great matches? Follow these four do’s and these four don’ts of making a dating profile.

  1. Do: Include solo shots of yourself that make you feel confident.
  2. Don’t: Include pictures with more than one other person.
  3. Do: Add at least one provocative prompt.
  4. Don’t: Leave your profile incomplete.
  5. Do: Communicate your sense of humor with your prompts.
  6. Don’t: Forget to double-check your spelling and grammar.
  7. Do: Consider the type of person you want to attract as you add prompts and photos.
  8. Don’t: Be too general with your personal interests.

Source: The Everygirl

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