The Tricks People Use to Save Money on Groceries

We all know how expensive everything is right now. Grocery shopping is no joke! Saving a few bucks here and there when grocery shopping can really make a difference. “Buzzfeed” asked members of their community and looked through Reddit threads to find the tricks that people are using to make grocery shopping a bit more affordable right now.

  • "Buy generic, especially in cases where it ends up making little to no difference. For instance, my mom used to work for a company that did frozen vegetables. They grew and packaged their own brand, as well as the generic Kroger and Walmart labels. There was absolutely no difference between the products, and the generic was way cheaper."
  • "I try to shop sales and plan my meals around what is currently affordable."
  • "When I see vegetables on sale for cheap, I turn them into pasta sauce, usually after roasting them for more flavor, and freeze them in portions to have with cheap pasta."
  • "I chose a credit card that gives me points toward free groceries. It certainly doesn't cover everything, but it's nice being able to reduce the total bill."
  • "I like buying one protein for the week and making meals around that. I find that it helps me waste less, stick to a budget, and utilize the things in my pantry more."
  • "Cooking in batches! I'm only ever cooking for one which is its own struggle, so I'll usually make enough for three or four meals at a time. It's also a major lifesaver when I just don't have it in me to cook."

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Source: Buzzfeed

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