Our Movie Theater Snack Habits Revealed

Going to a cool, dark movie theater on a scorching summer day is a great way to escape the heat, but what you eat and drink there matters almost as much as what’s playing on the big screen. A new survey from Casino.org asks 2-thousand moviegoers about their favorite concessions and it turns out, America’s favorite snacks and drinks at the movies are just about what you’d expect.

When people go to the movies, there’s one snack that pretty much everyone wants: popcorn. Specifically, salty, buttery popcorn, which tops the list as the favorite theater snack in 45 states. In one state - Nevada - they prefer their popcorn sweet, like caramel and kettle corn, but for the others, salty is the way to go.

  • In the states that popcorn isn’t number one, candy is king. Wyoming wants Junior Mints, in Delaware it’s Reese’s Pieces, while in Kansas and Vermont, there’s a three-way tie. Kansas loves Reese’s Pieces, Junior Mints and salty popcorn, while Vermonters prefer Skittles, Twizzlers and soft pretzels.
  • Coca-Cola is the beverage of choice in 43 states. As for the outliers, moviegoers in Montana are split between Coke and Dr. Pepper, while Arkansas has a tie between Coke and eater. In Delaware and Utah, they want water over everything else, New Hampshire likes 7Up, Oklahoma is team Dr. Pepper and Vermonters skip the fountain drinks and prefer to sip on slushies at the movies.
  • We all know how pricey movie theater concessions can be, but the state that spends the most is Mississippi, with an average of $23.81 per person. Alabama is a close second at $23.53, while Wyoming is third with an average of $20 per person on concessions.
  • There’s one state that’s well below average on their snack costs - Utah, where the average person spends just $8.40 on concessions.

Source: The Takeout

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