Things That Seem Like a Splurge, But Actually Save Money Long-Term

Some people have no problem dropping money on things, while others feel like they have to research, read hundreds of reviews and make sure what they’re buying is absolutely worth the cost. A Reddit user asks, “What are things that seem like a splurge for short term but turns out to be frugal for long term considering quality and longevity?”

Hundreds of users have weighed in to share the items they feel are worth the price tag in the long run. These are some of the top responses:

  • "Tools last forever in most cases. I have a half inch Black and Decker model #1 electric drill and press. It was my great grandfather's, over a hundred years old."
  • "For work from home folks like myself, an office desk chair. For years I had back and neck pains and frequently needed massage or other therapy until I invested in a setup that works for me."
  • "Litter Robot. I hate scooping litter more than anything. I hate the smell of cat pee, but love my kitties. In four or five years, the litter robot should pay for itself in litter savings."
  • "I bought some New Balance shoes. They've lasted longer than any other shoe I've bought."
  • "3D printers. I bought one as a toy for me to have fun with. Turns out, just by making plastic parts for appliances and the odd modeling and printing contract, that thing paid itself four times over by the end of the first year I had it."
  • "We bought a tap filter for the kitchen, and it's been a godsend in a town where I don't trust the water. It will pay for itself in a few weeks in saved bottled water expenses, and I feel better overall."
  • "Birkenstocks. For someone with flat feet, I have two pairs which I wear alternately every single day. I’ve had mine for over two years now, and they feel and look great."
  • "A good TV. Mine lasted like 10 years, and it’s just now acting weird."
  • "An enjoyable hobby. I bought an expensive acoustic guitar 15 years ago, but I have played the h*ll out of that thing and enjoyed it so much."
  • "For day to day living, I'd say, an Instant Pot. Such a great, easy, effortless way to cook inexpensive food. But it's a waste of money if it's just going to clutter up your counter space, unused."
  • "Good luggage."
  • "A quality toothbrush and water flosser."
  • "Our Vitamix is just about to turn 10, still works perfectly after being used once or twice most days since we got it."
  • "Solar panels and a home battery."
  • "The adage about anything that connects you to the ground: beds (including mattress), tires, and shoes."
  • "Vasectomy."

Source: Reddit

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