Ten Reasons You'll Regret Texting Your Ex

Texting your ex is tempting, we’ve all been there. It’s hard to have self-control like that! But… it’s important to. Most of the time, texting your ex leads to more harm than good. Remember that!

If you need even more of a reminder not to text your ex, here are ten more. Pro tip: Add these to your notes tab on your phone, so when you get that urge, you can pull it up and read it to yourself.

  1. The relationship was a bad relationship.
  2. They don’t deserve that moment of smug satisfaction.
  3. That day when you realize you’re totally over them is AMAZING – let it happen.
  4. Seeking closure is just a form of torture.
  5. Texting them immediately diminishes your hotness.
  6. Reaching out to them says they’re the best you can do.
  7. You’ll feel like crap if they ignore you.
  8. You’ve already said enough to them anyway.
  9. There are plenty of other things you can do with your loneliness.
  10. You’re better than this.

Source: Bolde

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