"Infla-Dating" Might Help You Find Love on a Budget

Being single and going on dates can be exciting, but it can also be expensive, thanks to the dinners, drinks and outfits that it involves. When you’re young and struggling to make ends meet, those costs can be a big part of your budget. So it makes sense that 48% of younger singles are embracing more budget-friendly date options, according to a survey of more than 8-thousand users of the dating app Plenty of Fish.

Like all dating trends these days, this one has a punny name, “Infla-dating,” and these are some benefits to giving it a try:

  • Budget-friendly dates make for more interesting experiences - Instead of stressing about the cost of lavish, expensive dates, coming up with affordable date ideas can help you be more creative. Infla-dating can challenge you to find experiences and opportunities for dates that don’t cost a fortune and that you haven’t done a bunch already, like the old dinner and drinks routine.
  • Infla-dating promotes healthy financial communication - Money is one of those topics that everyone seems to avoid on a date, but budget-friendly dates could encourage talks about it instead. Being open about being sensible with your spending could even help a couple find something they’re compatible about. It could also clue you in if your date isn’t concerned about their finances, but they’re deep in credit card debt.
  • Unconventional dates help you focus on what really matters - Sure, going to the hottest new restaurant or rooftop bar can be fun, but along with the hefty price tag, those spots can be loud and crowded, which makes it hard to connect with your date. Since the focus of dating should be on the person you’re with, not the location, going for low-cost and low-key infla-dating options gives you a chance to really pay attention to your date. A picnic in the park, a hike in nature or a game night at home don’t have to cost much, but allow you to connect and really get to know each other.

Source: Forbes

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