Dating Tips You'll Wish You Followed

Hindsight’s 20/20, we all know that and have probably learned it firsthand. This is especially true when dating. We all make mistakes in the dating game – ones that could keep us from finding the one. So how do we stop this?

One way is to learn from experiences – both ours and those of others. Jen Anderson is now a married woman in her 30s, but she admits that in her 20s, there were a lot of dating mistakes she made. “I'd been going about finding a match all wrong, and I didn't have very much fun,” she wrote for “YourTango.” “I realize my past experiences made me who I am today, but I still wish I could go back in time and give some dating tips to poor, clueless, younger me.

Thankfully, she’s here to share the dating tips she wishes she had followed when she was single. Here they are, and they may help you, too.

  1. Know exactly what you want in a person, and don’t compromise.
  2. Know what real love is.
  3. Don’t assume someone’s sexual orientation.
  4. Don’t let anymore take advantage of you.
  5. Look for love in the right places.
  6. Know your worth.
  7. Remember that a first date is not an audition for marriage.
  8. Don’t stay out late every weekend, nothing good happens after 2 AM.
  9. Don’t social media-stalk your dates.
  10. Understand your feelings.

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Source: YourTango

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