Aldi Reveals It's Limited Edition Fall Foods Lineup

It's still 100 degrees in NWA, but fall will be arriving soon and so will all the pumpkin-flavored foods. We all know people who go crazy for pumpkin spice lattes and grocery stores seem to have more new pumpkin products every year. The official start of fall isn’t until September 23rd, but Aldi isn’t making fans wait that long for their fall foods.

The supermarket chain has these pumpkin products hitting shelves soon:

  • September 6th - The first products to arrive at Aldi include the Simply Nature Pumpkin Applesauce Cups along with the Three Mills Pumpkin Spice Mulled Wine.
  • September 8th - Just a few days after those are in stores, shoppers can find the Bake Shop Pumpkin Sliced Loaf Cake, the Bake Shop Pumpkin Cake Roll and the State of Brewing Pumpkin Cider.
  • September 13th - One of the most unique fall items is Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Pumpkin Crust Pizza. It’s made with cheese, tomatoes and spinach on the pumpkin crust, which seems like an interesting combo.
  • September 27th - Two tasty treats will be coming then, the Bake Shop Pumpkin Pecan Cookies and the Sundae Shoppe Pumpkin Latte Ice Cream Bars.

The creator behind the Aldi Made Me Do It Instagram account has already spotted a few fun fall-themed food items at Aldi.

Source: Guilty Eats

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