Why You Should Date Outside Your Comfort Zone

Our comfort zones are, of course, where we feel the most comfortable. But if you’re struggling when it comes to dating, it’s your comfort zone that could be holding you back.

When you’re dating, you need to put yourself out there and move away from things you’ve tried in the past – or “types” you’ve dated in the past. If you feel like you’re in an endless rut when it comes to dating, that very well could be because you’re dating just in your comfort zone.

Still not convinced that you should date out of your comfort zone? Here are some more reasons.

  1. It expands your dating options.
  2. It makes you a more open-minded person.
  3. It allows you to have more fun.
  4. It helps you break unhelpful relationship patterns.
  5. It increases your confidence.

We get that it can be easier said than done when it comes to getting outside your comfort zone. To help, ICF-certified life/dating/relationship coach and author Treva Brandon has four tips to help you.

  1. Take a deep breath, have faith, trust yourself and the process.
  2. Have an open mind and heart.
  3. Keep an adventurous spirit and a good attitude.
  4. Develop a growth mindset and don’t stop exploring.

Source: Ask Men

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