People Tell Us Why They Cut Off a Friend

Sometimes friendships end naturally. But other times, something happened that cause you to end that friendship. Redditor u/an_epiphany_ recently asked “Why did you need to cut off a friend?” and people got real about their toxic friendships.

  • "She was using me for my money. She had a plan for my paycheck every paycheck."
  • "She told another friend right in front of me, 'Yeah, if (my name) didn't keep in touch, we'd never see each other.' The light bulb went on."
  • "I was fed up with always walking on eggshells around him. The sunk cost had me sticking around in that friendship for too long, but having the pleasure of knowing what actual great friends are like, I decided to pull the plug. I wish him well. I still want to see him eat, just not at my table anymore."
  • "Drugs and alcohol. Eventually, you need to just walk away."
  • "She was an emotional vampire. Everything was either a pity party for her or a celebration of whatever achievement she had gotten. But if I or anyone else needed sympathy or anything, we were very selfish people complaining too much. Or if anyone wanted to celebrate an achievement, we were rubbing it in her face. Also, she was super flaky. Once, we planned to meet at the gym, and she never showed up. I texted and called but got nothing until about two hours later when she said she was at another friend's house."

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Source: Reddit

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