If You See These Red Flags on Dating Apps, They're a Narcissist

You don’t want to date a narcissist – it’ll always be all about them. They’ll drain every ounce of energy from you, and you just won’t be happy. Who wants a relationship like that?

But with online dating, how are you supposed to know someone’s a narcissist without meeting them IRL? Thankfully there are some red flags you can look out for on dating apps. If they have these things in their dating app bio, or if you pick up on any of these things while you’re still in the messaging stage, there’s a good chance they’re a narcissist. Don’t waste your time!

  1. Watch out for off-kilter comments or backhanded “compliments” that detract from your visible strengths.
  2. Numerous pictures with the opposite sex (if they’re straight) or even their small children. Multiple selfies if they’re a man.
  3. They give you preemptive “challenges” to make you feel like you have to win their approval.
  4. They mention their exes or previous dates in their bio or messages.
  5. They treat you like a therapist. They share sob stories that are over the top early on, expecting you to comfort them.
  6. They mention they need someone who “doesn’t take themselves seriously” or “understands their sense of humor.”
  7. They claim they need a relationship that’s “drama free” on their bio or messages.
  8. Sexual come-ons or love bombing to disguise their true motives.
  9. The date plans are a no-go.
  10. They rage when you set boundaries and try to get you off the app early.

Source: Thought Catalog

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