The Most Frustrating Parts of Summer

While summer is the favorite season for many people, it still has its downsides. When it comes to the most annoying parts of summer, mosquitos top the list, according to new research.

A survey of 2-thousand U.S. adults commissioned by OFF! and conducted by OnePoll finds that after the annoying pests, sweating and excessive heat are tied as the second most frustrating parts of the summer months. More than half of all respondents (59%) have even canceled or rescheduled plans as a result of bug bites. As a result of seasonal frustrations, 71% feel like they can’t make the most of summer.

After mosquitos (27%), sweating and excessive heat (both 27%), Americans say the most frustrating parts of summer are:

  • Stickiness/Humidity (24%)
  • Increased number of people in my usual area (22%)
  • Higher utility bills (21%)
  • Sunburn (21%)
  • Higher travel prices (19%)
  • Excessive air conditioning (19%)
  • Lack of shade outside (19%)
  • Pressure to do something (18%)
  • Ticks (17%)

What people would rather do than be covered in bug bites:

  • Stand in an outdoor ticket line for hours (49%)
  • Spend a month without social media (44%)
  • Spend a month without Internet access (41%)
  • Walk around in sticky clothes for a day (39%)
  • Commute to work all summer (39%)
  • Get a sunburn (29%)
  • Work on a weekend (25%)
  • Have the air conditioning go out in their home (11%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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