Nearly Half of Us Avoid Restaurants with No Drive Thru

Americans sure love a drive-thru. Several recent surveys confirm that people really enjoy being able to pick up food, coffee and other orders without having to get out of their car. According to one survey, 47% of Americans say they’d avoid a store that doesn’t have a drive-thru.

That survey from last month finds:

  • The typical person visits a drive thru three or four times a week for coffee or fast food.
  • Twice as many people prefer the drive-thru (28%) to going in the store (14%).
  • A third of those who prefer drive-thrus say they’ll “always” choose that option when it’s available.
  • Top reasons customers give for liking the drive-thru are “not having to talk to employees as much,” “getting to stay in my car” and “less judgment.”

The annual Drive-Thru Study from Intouch Insight reveals:

  • KFC tops the list for total drive-thru time, with an average of five minutes and three seconds from arrival to exit.
  • Chick-fil-A comes in first for “average cars in line,” with nearly five, and while that sounds like it could be bad, it’s a sign of their popularity.
  • Arbys and McDonald’s rank highest for accurate orders. The most order errors are in the beverage category.
  • For food quality, Chick-fil-A and Taco Bell are top picks.
  • And for customer satisfaction, Chick-fil-A and Carl’s Jr. are tied for first.

Source: The Hill

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