Women's Top Physical Health Concerns

When we have something on our minds or need advice, women often open up to those in our trusted circle. But when it comes to physical issues we’re worried about, new research reveals we’re less likely to talk about them.

A survey of 2-thousand women conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Nutrafol finds 30% have never spoken to anyone about the issues they’re dealing with. The top physical issues women keep to themselves include:

  • Weight issues (36%)
  • Concerns about hair quality (32%)
  • Cellulite or stretch marks (30%)
  • Thinning hair (29%)
  • Acne (26%)
  • Chronic fatigue (24%)

When they reach peak discomfort, women have taken matters into their own hands and bought or used products to address the issue (35%), changed their diet (30%), and considered both surgical (25%) and non-surgical (24%) options.

  • Women admit their problems have forced them to stay home from work or off camera while working remotely (27%) and to avoid seeing loved ones (24%)
  • To deal with these physical problems they find embarrassing, women will:
    • Tell only their doctor (34%)
    • Confide in a partner or family (33%)
    • Confide in a few trusted friends (27%)
    • Not talk about it (19%)
    • Talk openly about it (18%)
    • Join a private support group (16%)
    • Tell only their holistic practitioner (15%)
    • Tell only their cosmetology service provider (15%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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