People Are Telling Their Roommate Horror Stories

Having a roommate is so common nowadays. Sometimes the roommate situation is great and you’re besties forever, but sometimes, it’s a nightmare. Redditor u/Jman1994678 recently asked fellow Redditors “What’s the worst experience you’ve had with a roommate?” and some people had real horror stories.

  • "First year of college, she came back drunk on Night 5 and peed on our carpet and some of my clothes. Then, in the morning, she denied all of it despite the room smelling like pee."
  • "I lived in a house with a guy who let his friend hide from the cops in our basement. The friend had shot and killed two people in a robbery."
  • "She never cleaned dishes and would leave them until they got REALLY moldy — like, multicolored colonies that were 4 inches tall. Everybody used to do her dishes, but then we stopped and kept putting them on her bed. To which she put the f**king dishes on the ground next to her bed."
  • "One roommate brought home two rats as pets, and we ended up with 29 rats in what felt like no time at all."
  • "I roomed with a couple who hid their pregnancy from me until I signed the lease. They knew they were expecting but also knew that nobody wanted to live with an infant. It was another five months of living there after the baby was born."
  • "I lived with a guy who had skin issues and refused to get help and shed flakes everywhere: shower, sink, toilet. They ended up in the washing machine, too, when he did his washing, which ultimately ended up in everyone else's clothes when they did washing."

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Source: Reddit

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