Some People Earning $5 million Still Think They're Poor

A lot of Americans are rich, but don’t feel that way, according to new research. A Bloomberg survey of 1,000 Americans who make at least $175-thousand a year - which puts them in the top 10% of U.S. tax filers - asked how rich or poor they feel and found some of the wealthiest don’t consider themselves to be.

The poll finds:

  • A quarter consider themselves “very poor,” “poor” or say they’re “getting by but things are tight.”
  • Only half say they’re “comfortable,” while just 25% say they feel “rich” or “very rich.”
  • Even some of the respondents making $5-million or more say they’re “very poor,” “poor” or “getting by but things are tight.”
  • Almost 60% of the respondents admit they worry about money.
  • About 25% say they don’t think they’ll be better off financially than their parents.
  • Many people have also considered moving to a different part of the country where taxes are lower and the cost of living is cheaper.

Source: Bloomberg

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