Relationship Habits That Are Actually Toxic

Sometimes you think you’re doing the “right relationship thing” but you’re not. There are some behaviors that we think are OK, but actually will screw things up. If you want to create a healthy, long-term relationship, these behaviors have no place in your relationship.

So what are the relationship habits we may do but not realize are toxic? We don’t do them on purpose, but hey, they happen, and we don’t realize they’re not really okay.

Here are eight common toxic behaviors you may be doing without realizing they’re toxic.

  1. Always wanting to talk.
  2. Expecting to spend every waking moment together.
  3. Trying to resolve arguments straight away.
  4. Expecting your partner to be your “everything.”
  5. Making your partner your only source of happiness.
  6. Overly pushing your partner in the personal development field.
  7. Being jealous or possessive.
  8. Dropping hints and expecting your partner to just “get it.”

Source: Hack Spirit

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