Most People Feel "Overwhelmed" By Their Family's Clutter

Finances are an issue that families often fight over, but new research reveals that cleaning and organizing are a topic that also causes arguments. A survey from Duck brand finds 76% of people admit to feeling “overwhelmed” by their family’s messes. The clutter causes “tension” between family members for 46% of respondents, 35% say it causes arguments and 33% report that it’s a “source of stress on a daily basis.”

According to the survey:

  • Disagreements about tidying up may happen frequently because 74% of people say they have a different idea of what “clean and organized” is than their family members do.
  • “Cleaning and organizing frequency” is the hardest thing for family members in their household to agree on for 44%.
  • Respondents say their top pet peeves about their family’s cleaning and organizing style is that they procrastinate (56%) and they don’t like to clean or organize themselves at all (36%).
  • About half (48%) also get annoyed by having to frequently remind other people in the household to pick up their belongings.
  • The “most annoying mess” family members regularly make is clutter in the living room, followed by not cleaning up spills in the kitchen (45%).
  • One thing families do agree on? That “living in a tidy home leads to more harmony among household members” (85%).

Source: Benzinga

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