The Most Successful Prompts to Add to Your Hinge Profile

If you’ve been on dating apps recently, you know that gone are the days when your profile sufficed with just age, height, and maybe your job title. Prompts are all the rage and were a gamechanger when introduced.

Prompts can be overwhelming though – Hinge specifically has so many you can choose from! You don’t want to answer too many and come off too strong, but you always want to make sure you’re answering the right ones. So how do you know which ones you should have on your profile?

Hinge has done the research for us and looked at which prompts of theirs are the most likely to lead to a conversation. Which ones are they?

  1. “The way to win me over is”
  2. “My simple pleasures”
  3. “I go crazy for”
  4. “Together, we could”
  5. “My most irrational fear”
  6. “We’ll get along if”
  7. “I’m looking for”
  8. “This year, I really want to”
  9. “Typical Sunday”
  10. “A life goal of mine”

Source: Metro UK

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