People Confess The Worst Things They've Done After a Breakup

Love can make you do crazy things, like going out to some place at 1 a.m. just because you think the person you like will be there, or not being able to sleep until you get a reply from them. But it’s the end of a romance that can really bring out the worst in people. Breakups can range from “not ideal” to downright “horrific” and so can the behavior of the heartbroken.

VICE asked readers to share the worst things they’ve done after a break-up and even though they’re probably not proud of these moments, they’re willing to tell us about them.

  • “I tried to sleep with as many people with the same name as them as I could.”
  • “My friend and I drove to his house at midnight and I threw rocks at it.”
  • “Continued living with him in lockdown after I’d broken up with him.”
  • “I climbed into his room through his window at night. It woke him up and he was so scared. He told his parents who called my parents and I ran away screaming barefoot. I was 14.”
  • “Cut my bangs.”
  • “Slept with their best friend. Immediate regret.”
  • “I broke-up with a guy just after his mom had given me one of her dresses to wear to the ball. I kept the dress and went with a different guy.”
  • “My best friend spat in his macaroni when he went to the place she worked on a date.”
  • “Still buying stuff for my ex after we broke up.”
  • “Left tuna by the AC on her roof.”
  • “I was working at a cafe and he had the audacity to bring his supposed new girlfriend there, so I put dishwashing liquid in his coffee. He told my boss but she pretended not to know what he was talking about.”
  • “Every time I saw my ex on Tinder I reported his account and some of my friends did, too.”

Source: VICE

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