A Gen Z'er Shares the Cringiest Hinge Responses She's Ever Gotten

Kaili Jimei is a proud member of Gen Z who’s been on dating apps since 2020. Over the past three years, she’s gone out with some people from apps but she’s seen even more on the apps. Kaili says she’s been on mainly Hinge and admits that “it’s not always a gold mine” – she’s gotten tons of cringe-worthy responses to her profile.

She’s even screenshotted them and is now sharing the cringiest response with us all. Here they are.

  • “Just from your picture, you look like trouble! Am I correct?? Lol”
  • “I want you to concentrate on the first 3 words of this sentence.”
  • “Well first we have to go out so I can see how you dress.”
  • “I’m 7’4 and own a yacht (nonchalantly).”
  • “I need to kiss you (on the lips).”
  • “I have a survey for work and need people to fill this Google form out for data.”
  • “Ruin my life.”
  • “hi kaili *crawls from under your bed* (with rizz)”
  • “Of course you’re my future wife after all”
  • “Well I’m here… you have two more wishes.”

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Source: StyleCaster

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