The Time of Day Workers Make the Most Mistakes

When do you feel most productive at work? For many workers, it’s the morning, as new research finds employees are less productive and less accurate in the afternoon.

For the study, researchers with Texas A&M University tracked almost 800 office-based workers for two years. Instead of relying on self-evaluations or manager feedback, study authors analyzed computer usage metrics including typing speed, mouse activity and typing errors.

  • They found afternoons are when the most typing mistakes are made.
  • Friday afternoons are specifically bad, that’s when they saw an increase in typos and a decrease in computer activity.

“We found that computer use increased during the week, then dropped significantly on Fridays,” explains study co-author Taehyun Roh. “This aligns with similar findings that the number of tasks workers complete increases steadily from Monday through Wednesday, then decreases on Thursday and Friday.”

Source: CNBC

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