Some Fun Ways to Celebrate the End of Summer Before School Starts

As summer winds down, some parents are doing a happy dance, while others mourn the end of sleeping in late and having the kids around. No matter how you feel about it, school is starting again soon and before it does, you have time to celebrate the end of summer before the chaos of the school year starts.

The whole family will enjoy these ways to say goodbye to summer:

  • A sweet treat - Have the kids pick out something to bake together, go check out a new ice cream shop, or swing by your favorite spot to indulge in one more summer treat.
  • Have one last hurrah - If you can, escape for one last summer trip, even if it’s just for a day. Make some more memories together and take in all the family time.
  • Soak up the sun - Hit the water park, beach, pool or have a water balloon party and squeeze in a few more sunscreen-covered moments with your kiddos.
  • Check out your photos - Spend time as a family looking at all the pictures of your summer adventures. Talk about all the fun you had and what your favorite parts were. You can even print out photos for a scrapbook or have a summer 2023 book printed.
  • Reflect and look ahead - While you’re reminiscing about this summer, talk about what you hope to do next year. Write down goals for the fall, winter, and spring, as well as next summer. Talk about what you would’ve done differently and what you’d like to do again in the future.
  • Involve friends - Have a “goodbye summer” get together with your favorite loved ones. Spend time outside, eat a few more popsicles and let the kids play late into the evening before they get back into their school routine.

Source: Cafe Mom

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