Research Shows How Long a First Date Should Last

When you’re planning a first date, do you make sure you have a getaway plan if it goes badly? According to a new survey, 81% of Americans think dinner dates are the hardest to escape from, especially if it’s not going well.

The poll, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Canada Dry, of 2-thousand actively dating U.S. adults finds that more than half (56%) commonly go to dinner and a movie as a first date, while half prefer casual drinks, followed by coffee (43%), or having a picnic or going to a market (43%).

The survey reveals:

  • Ideally, a first date should last a little less than three hours (2.72) on average.
  • It takes respondents around four dates to feel comfortable with that person.
  • Close to a third (31%) say the most awkward part of a first date is the nerves.
  • To help get rid of those first date jitters, people like to sip their favorite drink (57%), wear their favorite outfit or accessories (54%) and choose a familiar location (44%).
  • Having a drink in hand can help people feel relaxed, but moderation is key as 46% of those polled feel drinking too much on a first date is a turn-off.
  • Signs a first date went well include a call or text right after the date (63%), a goodnight kiss (56%) and keeping the date going longer (51%).
  • Red flags a date didn’t go so well include being ghosted afterward (65%), making an excuse to cut the date short (65%) and awkward moments of silence (48%).
  • First date offenses that can make it go badly include the person not looking like their photo (58%), inappropriate comments (57%), showing up late (54%) and spending too much time on their phone (28%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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