Men Reveal The Biggest Problems in Their Relationships

Every relationship has its own issues, that’s just a fact. Fights happen, arguments happen, there’s no escaping that. Don’t think that someone else has the “perfect” relationship, as perfection doesn’t exist. “YourTango” did some digging on “Reddit” and discovered some of the common issues that men have with their girlfriends. Here they are.

  • "Her mother. A rather destructive character. No guy was ever good enough. Neither was her daughter."
  • "We're both very stubborn and often don't want to admit when we're wrong."
  • "She didn't communicate when she was mad and let it boil until she had already made up her mind about leaving me. I thought everything was great, then 6 months later she sends a text and that was it."
  • "We struggle sometimes with socialization. I wake up early to work early to get home early to be present with our kids most of the afternoon and evening. This makes me tired earlier than she is since I wake up 2 hours before she does. I've just been told by the doctor I'm low on Vitamin D, though, so that might help me not be so tired by 8 PM."
  • "You're being overly sensitive / you're being insensitive."
  • "I have more board games than she likes. Not because she cares what hobbies I have but because they take up space. I think once we finish the basement and there's a closet or shelf or something for them to go in, it'll sting a lot less than them taking up room in our bedroom closet."

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Source: YourTango

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