Lifting Weights May Keep Your Skin Looking Younger

We spend a fortune on serums and lotions to get the fresher, younger skin of our dreams, but we might want to hit the gym instead. New research finds that both aerobic exercise and weight training improve the health of facial skin cells and tissue. And resistance training could be the “surprisingly effective” secret to fresher, younger skin, according to the new study.

A team of researchers in Japan worked with 56 middle-aged Japanese women who didn’t previously work out.

  • Half of them were told to start cycling for 30 minutes twice a week, while the other half lifted weights for 30 minutes twice a week.
  • After 16 weeks, the women who cycled were more fit, those who lifted weights were stronger, but the skin on their faces was different, too.
  • Researchers noticed the fitness had improved the skin elasticity of the women and their faces were “slightly less saggy.” Their skin also snapped back into shape better when stretched.

Exercise scientist and lead study author Satoshi Fujita says people’s skin became “more youthful at a cellular level” after they started exercising. He notes that the most pronounced effects happened when the women lifted weights. The professor explains, “Theoretically, these changes may reduce wrinkles, improve appearance and help people look younger.”

Source: NY Post

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