Why Saturday is the Worst Day of the Week for a First Date

First dates can be awkward, but it turns out, the day of the week you go on the date can make or break it. According to a TikToker named Charlotte, there’s one day of the week to avoid going on one, if you want it to go well: Saturday. She says there are a couple of reasons for this, starting with that if you work Monday through Friday, you’re already up, dressed and wearing makeup, so weekdays are good for first dates.

Going on a first date on a weekday night also means you’ll avoid crowds and you’re more likely to find happy hours and drink specials, plus work gives you an easy exit. “There’s no pressure to stay out and have an extra drink, you’ve got to get home,” Charlotte explains. So why is Saturday so terrible for first dates? She says that’s the day you should be hanging out with your friends doing things you want to do. And if you have a bad date on a Saturday, she says you’ll “resent that waste of a Saturday” much more than you would be upset about a random Tuesday bad date.

Hayley Quinn, dating expert for Match.com, agrees that mid-week days are better for dates. “Aim for a Wednesday or Thursday evening, or a Sunday brunch,” she suggests. “Friday or Saturday nights are likely to be saved for socializing with friends and not seen as worth spending on a first date.” And if you do have a weekend brunch date and it goes well, Hayley says, “then there’s always the opportunity to extend it later into the day.”

Source: Metro UK

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