Signs You're Being Friend-Zoned

So, you want something more.. but you’re not sure if they do. It can be hard to tell at times. Are they being nice in a romantic way or are they just being nice in a friendly way?

It’s not always obvious whether someone’s into you romantically or they just think of you as a friend. Thankfully there are some signs you can look out for, and if you do see these signs, well, you’re being friend-zoned.

  1. They initiate the group hang.
  2. They ask advice about other guys/girls.
  3. They give you dating advice.
  4. You’re making the plans.
  5. They’re a complainer.
  6. They don’t try to buy you dinner/drinks.
  7. There’s no attempt at physical contact.
  8. They’re only texting.
  9. They have a wandering eye.
  10. They have bad manners.

Source: Bolde

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