Relationship Expert's "Summer Romance Challenge" to Reignite the Spark

August is Romance Awareness Month, so how’s yours doing? If you’ve been with your partner for a while, you may be longing for the way things felt in the beginning of the relationship, when you could hardly keep your hands off each other or be apart for long. Relationship coach Annmarie Kelly is helping couples reignite the love spark in their relationship with The Romance Challenge.

It’s designed to remind couples why they’re together and it involves doing one simple love-action every day for five days. It kicks off Monday, August 7th and goes to Friday. According to Kelly, bringing back the passion isn’t all that complicated, but it does take effort. “There's no magic wand that will pass over you two and light the fire. You have to create that ‘spark,’” she explains. “You do it by taking some time each day to focus your attention on each other, and that's where the Romance Challenge comes in.”

These are the love-actions for each day:

  • Monday: Ask yourself "What's right/good about us?" Choose one thing and then share it with your partner. Then add to the list when you think of more things that are good about you as a couple.
  • Tuesday: "What's right/good about my partner?" Try to come up with at least three things, more if you can. Then find a time to tell your partner, “You know what I still love about you?” and share the list.
  • Wednesday: Say thank you. We get used to things our partners do for us, but we need to slow down and show our appreciation. On this day, take notice and thank them for those things.
  • Thursday: Touch each other. It can be a pat on the back, holding hands, snuggling, a massage or whatever feels right to you. Kelly says, “The more you touch each other with love, the better.”
  • Friday: Have a private Happy Hour. Find a quiet spot where the two of you can be alone for an hour or two, at a bar, a cafe, a park or your backyard. Talk about your week, the weekend ahead and how you feel about The Romance Challenge. Keep it light and fun, so you enjoy your time together.
  • You can join Annmarie Kelly’s Romance Challenge on her FacebookInstagram or LinkedIn

Source: Yahoo Finance

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