Men Reveal How They Found Love After Giving Up on It

We’ve all had those moments where we’ve just given up on finding love, haven’t we? There are just times when we’re 100% convinced all hope’s gone and there’s no one out there for us. It's not just women who feel this way, but men have too. In fact, men are getting real about it, and giving us all hope. These men are sharing their stories of finding love when they had given up all hope.

  • "I was in a relationship with someone who was emotionally abusive. After a while, she started to become physically abusive. I left but I was a mess. I met someone who showed me a lot of kindness and a godlike amount of patience."
  • "I had several relationships with varying degrees of success but a lot of problems too. I eventually got married and then divorced. I took a break from relationships pondering how much of the problems were me. Concluding that it was me, I stopped dating altogether for a bit and figured out some stuff. Still had issues so I stopped again and started dating only when my friends found someone who they thought would work. My sister suggested a woman and I married her in July."
  • "Gave up. At 27 I moved from the USA to South Korea. Hated it and wanted to leave so I joined a medical research study to earn money for a plane ticket home. Thought one of the medical assistants was cute and started flirting. Asked her out once the study was over and proposed a year later."
  • "I was totally content just sinking beers and playing Xbox for the rest of my life, but then I posted a video about my dog on YouTube, which then got shared on Facebook. Girl commented, said, 'I want to marry that guy.' Three months later I picked her up in a hired motor home and drove her and her three dogs back to my home state. We got engaged and had two kids. I miss my Xbox."

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Source: YourTango

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